General Plumbing Work Testimonial

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

We have had the pleasure of having Rick, Conroy Plumbing, do miscellaneous plumbing work for us several times over the last few years.  Whether it be a relatively minor job, or an emergent situation like we had last week (flooding sewage water in our basement), Rick is always professional, honest,and reasonably priced.  We are confident that Rick will always  give us an honest assessment of the problem and never try to inflate the situation in order to inflate the price.  We would highly recommend (and have) Rick to  friends and family for any plumbing needs. Tom and Jen...

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Water Heater Testimonial

Posted on Mar 2, 2012

Rick: Thank you for “saving the day” at our house today! When our water heater started leaking, images of all kinds of mayhem started showing up in my mind. Even though I’m as handy as the next guy, it didnt take much to know that fixing this was beyond my comfort zone. The last two “plumber” experiences I had were pretty poor. One was with a big-box hardware chain. Even though the work that got done was sufficient, it took forever to schedule, and it felt more like I was dealing with the uncertainty of the cable company than a professional organization. (also,...

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