Frozen Pipes

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Thank you for fixing up our frozen pipe issue today. On the coldest day I can ever remember, you were out here shortly after my call and fixed us up right away. Conroy Plumbing is the best! Thank you for your help.

Dan M, Lake Zurich, IL

Kitchen Faucet Installation

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Thanks for the great job on our kitchen faucet installation.

First, you answered my phone when I called to get an estimate (which can be a rare thing today). Then you were quick to schedule our work and were reasonably priced, polite, courteous, efficient and professional in all respects.

We are very satisfied with your work and would recommend you and your company to anyone.

Thank you.

John D.

Plumbing Work

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Thank you so much for helping us. I really appreciate your work. If I stay here and remodel you will hear from me. Thanks again

Valissa H.

Water Pressure

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Thanks for fixing our hot water pressure. Three plumbers before you were not able to figure it out. I am so grateful to have hot water back. You are a super star!! You have made our home a nice place to live again.


Pam S.

Water heater, water softener, sump pump and battery backup installation

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I have used Rick Mihaljevic  and Conroy Plumbing Services for a number of plumbing needs over the past seven years – to include water heater installation, reinstallation of water softener valves and piping, sump pump and battery backup installation, and water line refitting.  In all cases Rick has been prompt in responding to my service requests and performed each task with professionalism and reasonable cost.  I highly recommend Rick and Conroy Plumbing for your plumbing needs.

Eric B.
Deer Park

General Plumbing Work Testimonial

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We have had the pleasure of having Rick, Conroy Plumbing, do miscellaneous plumbing work for us several times over the last few years.  Whether it be a relatively minor job, or an emergent situation like we had last week (flooding sewage water in our basement), Rick is always professional, honest,and reasonably priced.  We are confident that Rick will always  give us an honest assessment of the problem and never try to inflate the situation in order to inflate the price.  We would highly recommend (and have) Rick to  friends and family for any plumbing needs.

Tom and Jen Gustafson

Water Heater Testimonial

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Thank you for “saving the day” at our house today!

When our water heater started leaking, images of all kinds of mayhem started showing up in my mind. Even though I’m as handy as the next guy, it didnt take much to know that fixing this was beyond my comfort zone.

The last two “plumber” experiences I had were pretty poor. One was with a big-box hardware chain. Even though the work that got done was sufficient, it took forever to schedule, and it felt more like I was dealing with the uncertainty of the cable company than a professional organization. (also, I found out later that the price was no less than a local/private operation either). The second was one of those “I know a guy…” recommendations from a friend. What a mistake that turned out to be.

Being somewhat new to the house I’m in, I did a search on Google Maps for plumbers in my area. Even though you were 6th on the list, you were the only one I called. If it matters, here’s why:

  1. You had your own website, which tells me that you enjoy what you do, and want to be good at reaching out to new customers. Many of the other names looked like the computer just picked them out of the phone book, and I had now way of judging their quality, much less if they were still in business.
  2. Your phone number was a part of your logo. For something like plumbing, I wanted to choose a local company, because people who live in the same area they service tend to rise to a higher standard.
  3. You answered the phone. Even though you were obviously on a job somewhere, you took the time to understand what I needed, and came right by that same day.
  4. You had all of the credentials of a professional (license, insured, bonded, etc)

Of course, once you came to our house, it was easy to see that you know your stuff. Your recommendations were just what I needed.

Additionally, you showed respect and kindness to my wife and family, which reflects good character both personally and professionally. (I later learned that you have also been servicing my neighbor for years — I can see why they like you!)

Now that our new water heater is in, our family has a renewed appreciation for simple things like running/hot water.

I appreciate having a name that I can count on.

Again, even though you’re the same price as any big-box store in the area, I would pay a premium for the quality and character.

Thanks! You have my business!

Dan M –

Tower Lakes/Barrington , Illinois