New Sump Pump

Posted on Feb 2, 2018

My sump pump pressure switch failed leaving a small portion of wet carpet around the perimeter of my basement. I called Conroy Plumbing to install a new sump. Conroy Plumbing arrived a few short hours later and replaced my sump with a new top of the line 1/3 hp Zoeller pump. Rich installed new really quiet check valves as well. He let me know that my back up pump was lesser grade than he would normally install but would use it if I wanted. No hard sell here. One quick phone call to my wife to discuss this option and we were in agreement with his system. His battery and system will run for 8 hours before losing battery. Far more than my current system. The pump and backup are now installed and it is quiet. Rich gave a quick tutorial on the backup. I can sleep tonight knowing a complete new system is installed to protect my investment. Total pro! I would recommend Conroy in a heartbeat. They will do more work for me because I am an architect and need prime contractors like Conroy. Thanks for your professionalism!

Ken A.